Volunteer FAQ

FIVE frequently asked questions regarding the volunteer program:

  1. If I want to volunteer with children, what is the minimum commitment time?
    The minimum commitment time to volunteer in the classroom is 3 months. As educators and care providers we are sensitive to a child’s healthy development. We need to provide a consistent presence and develop strong and positive relationships with the children we serve.
  2. What is CORI/DSS background check?
    CORI is an acronym for Criminal Offender Record Information and DSS for Department of Social Services;both are background checks that apply to individuals 15 years or older, who work/volunteer with children/elderly. It is a mandatory process set by the Office of Child Care Services. Volunteerism at Associated is contingent upon CORI/DSS results.
  3. Are all volunteer opportunities on a set schedule?
    We are accommodating to the volunteer’s schedule.

  4. What is the placement timeframe?
    The process of application, CORI/DSS request, reference verification, interview (by both the recruiter and the Program Director), orientation, and placement typically spans three weeks.
  5. What if I don’t want to volunteer with children directly but still would like to help in some way?
    There are many other volunteer opportunities at Associated Early Care and Education. We welcome volunteers with translation, training and administrative skills.