Public Policy

Public Policy

We are a leader in shaping public policy on the local, state, and federal level. Working with partners across the country, Associated advocates for accessible, affordable, high quality early care and education.

In 1994, Associated Early Care and Education launched the Boston Early Education Quality Improvement Project (Boston EQUIP) with the broad mission “to collaborate with members of the Boston early education community to systematically evaluate, set goals for, and improve upon the quality of early childhood programs.”

In 1995, Boston EQUIP conducted its first inventory of the early care and education system in Boston, collecting data about young children, facilities and program quality. This original inventory, developed from existing validated and reliable survey tools used elsewhere in early childhood research, went on to become the template for the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Community Profiles surveys.

Boston EQUIP has refined the Community Profiles surveys, surveying the field every two years.

For more information, please visit Boston EQUIP‘s website.